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Carrie Bankes

That kooky woman is my Mom! This is quite an article. I've got to digest it! Thanks for taking the time to study the building and see it from different angles. I personally love and resent it at times and have a more complicated relationship with it than I do with the people you'll find inside.

John Wood

Well written article, even a bit insighfull. Contributions to save this international masterpiece can of course be sent to UTRF. More detail on how to do this at unitytemple.org

Steve Bankes

"Since September the congregation has held regular meetings to discuss leaving the Temple" and "During the regular meetings, a sizable minority has expressed a surprising willingness to leave the Temple."

Really? I don't recall ever hearing about a single meeting with this even as an agenda item. Did I miss something?

How come not a single person was quoted as saying they wanted to leave the building too?

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