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John M.

This is beautifully written and on the mark. This house should be seen as a priceless gift to all of us—a highly innovative pattern for living that seeks to reconnect us to nature. We must learn to recognize and preserve those rare wonders amongst us.

david i.

this is a stunning, important work from one of americas premier architect's and MUST be saved ... the 2 punks who bought the property are just real estate hustlers and speculators from IDAHO ... i went to the open house and could see the masters work everwhere, even though the 2 scam artists had area's roped off to try to convey an unsafe structure .... the structure is quite sound and needs a bit of attention ... if i had the funds i would buy this home and see that it was restored to it's greatness and open for the world to see .... i don't think FLW ever built a structure this small and cozy

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