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Paul Ringstrom

Yes, the "Prairie" font is still available. The price is $24 (including shipping) on CD for PC or Mac. We do not accept credit cards but you may purchase from us through PayPal (using our e-mail address) and we will send you the CD, or -- if you're in a hurry -- we can e-mail you the font.

Woodside Graphics, P.O. Box 90, Westlake, OR 97439, email: astyle@att.net

Paul Ringstrom

I have a nice font called: Prairie by Arroyo-Style out of California 805-648-5792.

I don't know if it is still available but here is their website: http://www.arroyostyle.com/


There is also a font named Larkin that is from a P22 imprint called International House of Fonts. It's very swell and based off of the Larkin logotype: http://www.p22.com/ihof/larkin.html

Better details about the font are here:

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