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I agree. As someone living in Vancouver (BC, Canada) which has insane prices for real estate right now, let alone the cost of the house you put on that land, I'd love to see Prefabs offering an actually affordable alternative. We do currently live in an old war era house that we're lovingly trying to update within our means, but talk a lot about one day putting a pre-fab on the lot as it could potentially answer our desire for things like a few more square feet, and ideally would also satiate our love of good design. If the prices continue to climb, or even stay at the $250 a square foot option, then the economic benefits of prefab go totally out the window.

Paul Ringstrom

I think $250+ per sq ft is way too high to satisfy the need for good architecture that is affordable for the average middle-class worker. It is probably too expensive for the upeer middle-class worker.

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