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Mark Hertzberg

This is a good editorial. It was integral to my research on the Hardy House for my book to have all the letters written to the house since 1968, as well as some of the homeowners' archives which have been passed on from one to another, since 1941. Mark Hertzberg www.wrightinracine.com

Ed Jarolin

Is it too simplistic to propose that the relevant documents be copied and those copies stay with the house? The originals then could be sold off to museums or collectors. Would this copying diminish the value of the originals? In this fashion the information, though not the historical value, of the item is passed to the houses new owners.

I believe several houses already have reproduction art glass, the originals having been deemed to valuable to remain exposed to the weather, vandalism, fire, etc. Ditto for original furniture versus reproductions.

If these buildings are to be preserved for the ages, some compromises have to be made. One could take the position that the original owners took the financial risk of hiring Wright in the first place, bore the inevitable cost overruns as well as the often onerous maintenance costs. If they feel the need to get as much return as they can for all this it is understandable if not particularly desirable.

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