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angie poulos

I just stumbled across this site...I was a camper 1955 - 1959. I was fortunate enough to send my daughter as well (1979 - 1980) There are no words to explain the impact Hilltop has had on my life. My husband and I are "empty nesters" about to pass our William Drummond home on to a young couple here in River Forest, Il. I have resided here most of my life. My summers in Spring Green are so memorable, especially the connection to Wright's home and the harpsichord concerts we were treated to. Herbert and Elouise influenced me and my daughter in many ways. I would love to hear from other campers once again.

herb fritz

Scott: As odd as this may sound, my name is Herb Fritz and I'm an architect in Tulsa. I'd like to learn more about my namesake. Can you contact me directly at hfritz@fritzbaily.com?

Dan Dieter

I recently came across an article in the Wisconsin State Journal from April 17, 1949, Section IV, page 7. It talks about the home of Waldemar Remde, as it was designed by Herbert Fritz. Great article and several photos.

The only address I have for Mr. Remde is Route 1, DeForest Wisconsin. Does anyone know if this house still exists?


Scott T.

Hi Sally,

I've checked out your Flickr set, and the church you included is indeed the same one I was thinking of. Yep, it's a Herb Fritz.

Linda Nelson

We live in a Herb Fritz house in Madison and love it! Thank you Herb! We have a table, 2 chairs and a bench made by Herb Frtiz but no longer have room for it after remodeling the kitchen. Can anyone help with any ideas? Would Hilltop like to have it?


Scott T.

Hi Sally,

I think I know the church you mean, but I'm away from my home and records ... if you send a picture or two to scott@prairiemod.com, I'll either recognize and confirm it right away, or I'll be intrigued to learn of another possible Herb Fritz in the Twin Cities area.


Sally Strand

I began researching the architect of the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses in Golden Valley MN. It was apparently initially called Apprentice Church (1957) and designed by Herb Fritz.

Can anyone confirm this information?

I would like to include it in a FLICKR group I have with photos of FLW Influenced Architects.

Tripp Wilson

Hi Scott, Thank you for responding, The house is Wrightian, the blue prints are signed by Herbert Fritz and Robert Goodall and dated June 1930. My great grandmother had this home built as it now stands, as a summer home, her winter residence was Hyde Park area of Chicago. Tripp

Scott T.

Tripp Wilson: The earliest design that I know of by Wright apprentice Herb Fritz Jr. of Spring Green dates back to the late '40s. He would have been 13 years old in 1928. It's unlikely his father was involved, either, as he worked as a mason for FLLW in Spring Green and I don't believe he executed designs of his own. Most likely another line of Fritzes altogether. Is your family home Wrightian?

Best, Scott T.

tripp wilson

My family has a home in south west Michigan and the plans hang on the wall by the second floor balcony, they are signed by Herbert Fritz and dated 1928. Is this possibly one of his earliest works? Tripp.

Linda Jordan

I have lived in one of Herb Fritz's houses for 16 years and am reluctantly selling it because I am engaged. My finace is self-employed with a home business. Living in his home is more practical. I will certainly miss my home. I am the third owner. I think pictures were taken in 1996. If anyone reading this would like to see current ones - or if you know of anyone who is looking for a modern house in the near west side of Madison, I have it listed on FSBO and here is the link:


Kenneth, according to Teresa Fritz Scott's post above, it seems like there is a book in the works, but I am not familiar with any about Mr. Fritz at this point. Hopefully soon!

Kenneth Casper

still interested in books about herb fritz. what are the titles?


Hector, you might want to contact Teresa Fritz Scott, who posted two spots above you for info.

Hector Cedrun

Does Herb Fritzhave kids am doing a project/ documentary on Frank loyd Wright in Los Angeles and I would like to interview family members on an event Herb witness in his early years and I want to contact people who knew him well and possible tales from his days with frank Loyd Wright and his family, thank you

Hector Cesrun


There now is a Camp-Hilltop facebook page!

Teresa  Fritz Scott      snowangel@dishmail.net

I am Herb and Eloise Fritz's daughter and was delighted to have a friend turn me on to this link. I should mention that Hilltop is still a place for good times and operates for special occasions such as weddings and retreats. Ty, Janelle and their sons take good care of the place. Eloise loves visiting with her friends and talking about her camp memories as she remembers all of her campers who she dearly loved, her "little rabbits". She will be happy to share information about Herb's architectural work for she is well informed and is his greatest admirer.
There will be a book with Herb's memoirs, photos of buildings and drawings at some point, it is slowly in the works. Janelle answers the phone at Hilltop, so would put you in touch with Eloise or give you information and a good time to visit between those special events. All the buildings are still in use. Some of the houses that campers remember have permanent residents year around and the barn is still the living room and downstairs is the summer kitchen...I always love "coming home"! The family goes to Arizona in the winter but is there Spring, Summer and Fall. Give a call to the Fritz family, they would appreciate your interest and fond memories.

Teresa  Fritz Scott      snowangel@dishmail.net

If any one would like to get in touch with me about Herb Fritz's architecture or Eloise Fritz and Hilltop, you can email me. Would love to hear from you. I live in the mountains of Colorado so am far from Hilltop. Recently Eloise and I traveled around Wisconsin photographing some of my father's architectural projects. It was a wonderful experience to see so many of his wonderful buildings that I had never seen, some just in the drawings as I was growing up. He had a special unique way of merging beauty, function and cost efficiency. He always remained true to his aesthetics of harmonizing with Nature and the environment while fulling the function of the building for the client's needs. He was a great Dad with a marvelous sense of humor who loved a good joke. His mentor, Frank Lloyd Wright, helped him along the way when he was a young man, he recognized Herb's dedication and talent. Herb's legacy in architecture would make him proud as well as all the rest of us. Eloise will be able to share information with those of you who would like to get in touch about the Fritz architectural legacy.

mary vollman vance

I was camp director at Hilltop in 1961. Interesting experience. Is Ty dead or do I just think I read that somewhere.

Modern Design

I know he's designed some fantastic modern looking homes. I wouldn't mind owning one by him if I had the chance. I wish I had a list of where the homes are I'd love to just check them out.

fond camper

Just love the stories/memories....Would love to visit again and perhaps a reunion. They did however ruin the much loved stable/horses...by making modern/not quite Hilltop. The herds galloping/fresh dew as we chased them into the corral for our first group of riders....I can see it now....Thank you Herb/Eloise for this big big enjoyable memory....

fond camper

Would love to visit....been down the drive and have wonderful memories, do not want to intrude but Hilltop was/is a very big part of my life. Eloise and family are there during the summer. Are visitors welcome?


I too was a camper back in the early 1970's. I go back often to the APT and one day out of curiousity went back to Hill Top. I ran into Eloise who was possibly the most lovely and gracious host. She invited me up on to the garden terrace where I first learned how to arrange flowers and Ty's wife (forgetting name) made me some ice tea and we sat there for a very nice afternoon visit. A treat beyond any expectaction.


I am fortunate to own a Herb Fritz home in the near mountains of Southern California. The house is surrounded by 55 acres of national forest and is elevated on a mountain side above the town of Wrightwood. The house is of the usonian style and is completley done in natural clear grain redwood. I have owned the Fritz designed masterpiece since the early '70s. I so much wanted him to visit and was in contact with him when he was in AZ and at home. Unfortunately time just didn't permit. I would like to somehow get a photo of Herb Fritz so I can frame and put up in the entry way to the house. It's a one of a kind design and I am so proud to be the owner. My email is : nalief@yahoo.com ) allan

kathe knitch

Old campers? Old photos? I was there in the mid 70's. Would love to reconnect!

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