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Green Karat has the worst customer service I have EVER experienced. It is not worth dealing with these people when you are under a ton of wedding stress as it is. These people are communication imbeciles! There are 3 people in this office. Apparently, none of them communicate, and on average they take 72 hours to a week to respond to your emails. I got used to sending the same email to them every day with a littler harsher of a tone until they responded back. Don't even bother leaving a voicemail, they wont' call back.

My story: I set up my ring registry, then set up my ring order, and there was no communication between their tiny office about my order/registry. They went ahead and made my rings without the donated gold and were about to ship them before I left an enraged message on their phone after I got an email from them telling me they were done. I had left 3 voicemails prior to discuss my order, and this was the only one they returned. If my family hadn't already donated to them, I would have cancelled my order on the spot. As of 2 day ago, they said they were starting on my ring now that my donated gold was back from the refinery. Today (as in 2 days later) they say my rings are done. Hmm, funny how they say that it takes 2-3 weeks to create a ring when mine only took 2 days. I just know they didn't use the gold my family donated and are sending the original one they made without my family's donation. This puts a horrible cloud over my wedding set. These people are liars and corrupt and give the eco-industry a bad name. Go somewhere else who is honest.

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