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Felix Stankevicius

Another place to look is the building department, could be city or county. Some building departments retain approved drawings.

Eric Saed

Another thing related to public records that you may be able to do online (depending on how your local tax assessor's record access is set up) would be to pull the original subdivision plat map. The map would include the name of the developer, and if the architect helped in designing the way lots were platted, that may be included as well.

In any respect, once you find out the developer's name, you could then do a search of your local newspaper's archives and see if any articles were ever written about your subdivision or any houses in it.

Joan Zatorski

Sherry, thank you so much! I think you win the award for "Bloodhound of the Week"! I'm getting started on your suggestions on Monday! Many thanks! Joan

Sherry Dillard

I believe that the architect and/or contractor is a matter of public record. I would suggest taking whatever information you have down to the court house in downtown Tucson and checking with the clerk of records. They may have a different name for the department, but it is where all the deeds are registered. If they don't have the information that you need, they should be able to refer you to the appropriate department. If their records don't go back that far, then I would head over to the Arizona Historical Museum (just off the U. of A. campus)and inquire there. Ask for their archivist. He or she is in charge of all printed materials in their collections and he or she should be able to search their database to see if they have anything relevant.
Good Luck!

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