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Thanks for the kind words Ted. We appreciate the support and applaud the amazing craftsmanship you and artisans like yourself create. Keep up the good work!

Ted Ellison

I hear you and I get it. And my comments had less to do with the fact that I make actual stained glass windows and more to do with the fact that there are thousands of well designed, well crafted objects that are true to the principals of progressive architecture and design. You guys do a great job of promoting these things all the time.

Thank you for keeping this site going. I appreciate it every time I visit!


Thanks for your spirited comments, Ted--but I think you misconstrue the point of posts like these.

This post was meant to highlight a new product launch whose sales directly benefit the preservation and education programs at the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.

Often times, museum shops offer a range of products including both real stained glass and printed reproductions like these. Real stained glass is often out of reach for most people from a price standpoint, so it's up to the consumer to determine if the Truth in Glass product is worth purchasing as a substitute. If not, then I would alternatively suggest support via a membership to Taliesin West instead.

Thanks again for reading!

Ted Ellison

from the "Truth in Glass" website:

Our studio artists set the standard for superior stained glass craftsmanship. Fine detail and an 850-hue palette enable our stained glass panels to capture the "soul" of your reproduction or original artwork like no other product on the market. Truth In Glass brand is proud to offer your customers the finest stained glass art reproductions available today.

Truth In Glass?

What is PrarieMod promoting here? That it's important to spread the word about cheap Chinese imports? That watering down progressive decorative art into an inexpensive gift items is in keeping with the principals of the Prairie School or quality design?

I don't get it.

Ted Ellison


Simulated art glass company is hired to "reproduce Wright art glass designs" ??

What is this doing here? So some company had been hired to mechanically create simulations of real windows. Such simulacra is far from the spirit of the Prairie School. In fact, I couldn't think of anything less deserving of being on PrairieMod.

This shouldn't be encouraged or promoted. Shouldn't museum shops that carry this crap would turn away from the easy buck and offer something real, made by actual hands?

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