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Paul Ringstrom

Why do architects seem to have the least friendly, minimally informative and hardest to navigate websites on the planet? Can't they hire a competent website developer who has some experience in these areas? Studio 1032 is not unique.

Mark J. Pellettieri

I think the video is referring to planning / government, developers, and Americans as consumers more than Architects who have little control over what and how things get built. So a conscientious Architect has a choice between refusing to work for most people and agencies or trying their best to include as much good design as they can convince those who are paying them to include. Most famous Architects have the power to convince but little if any conscience...that’s how they became famous. I don’t like this scenario but I believe it’s true. So the video serves to remind all of us that we need to continue to make our best effort every instance because things are not getting better in terms of design.

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