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Paul Ringstrom

Shoeboxes have a purpose, but it not for human habitation.

Overhangs provide a sense of shelter and intelligently designed can protect the building and the occupants from the vagaries of sun and weather. They also provide the opportunity for the designer to add "design."


Before one can design 'outside the box', one must first learn to design a box well. -David Buege


You have misinterpreted the post. It was not the stated opinion that "box" structures could not be well-designed (as in the examples you've stated), rather that the approach has been unfortunately way overdone to the point where it has become cliché and thus not Principled.


As a contributor and one of the founders of PrairieMod, I do not wholly agree with the opinion in this post. There is nothing wrong with a square building as long as it follows principles. For example the beautiful Morton Arboretum visitor center is square, the ModFab™ by the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture is square—to name a couple.

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