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Love it! Definitely would make a great poster.

Jennifer Foster

Really nice graphic that captures the elegance of the building. I agree they would make great posters - what about notecards or t-shirts also?


I'm not familiar with these 70's posters, but would love to see them! Anyone have them who would share images?

Anthony Thompson

Something very similar to this was produced by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation in the late 70's. It was a set of 4 limited edition lithographs. One was of the Guggenheim and looked a lot like this. Another was of Johnson Wax. I'm not certain about the subjects of the other two but one of them was undoubtedly Fallingwater. : )


Love it! I was in NYC for the first time since I was 8 a couple weeks ago, and the Guggenheim was one of my stops. So exciting to see a FLW work I'd admired only in photos in person. And you captures it's essence so perfectly in this illustration.


Thanks for the kind words! Jane--maybe if enough interest occurs, they could be available as posters or wall art!

Jane / MulchMaid

Nice! Might these be available in poster form and size?

Scott T.


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