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kurt squire

Cool. I'm at kurt.squire (at) gmail.com. I came to the same conclusion about the back. I was wondering if it the hottub, ponds/ gardens and aquarium were all there while you lived there?

This whole conversation made my week, by the way.

S.J. Robinson

I did some research about the house but learned some by just looking at the details. It was once a very small cottage. The back of the home ended where the large, brick piers are. You can see ghosts where the french door frames were. The front closet/bathroom was also an add-on.The 1/2 bath-furnace room-kitchen were entirely reconfigured .
I did love that bedroom window. Fond memories of waking up and glancing into the back garden.I will look for some pictures and share them if you'll leave contact e-contact info.

kurt squire

Wow! Great to meet you! We were told by a realtor that it was an Erdman, but sounds like you have a definitive answer to that riddle. I have a ton of questions about the home if you'd be willing to answer them offline.

We adore the house, and are only leaving because our two sons are starting to outgrow the bedroom.

My favorite feature, btw, is the East-facing window in the bedroom which catches the sunrise every morning.

S.J. Robinson

James Dresser designed this home. I lived here 15 years ago and Taliesin students visited with a history of the home.
Interesting how the present owners swapped the dining space and living space from when I lived there. Looks good though.

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