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Greg Wilson

Ha! I noticed that also. Having toured the building, I am always fascinated to see old video or pictures showing the activity in the structure as it was "then".

I loved visiting the building, and will do so again now that the tower is going to be opened.

The building is an experience in itself to be within. I have yet to be in another that provides the same as it does. A real treat for anyone near Racine to visit.

I wish my office looked like it does -- despite the fact there are no windows to see outside (a design of purpose given Johnson's insistence on constructing the building in an area FLW was not in agreement with... thus FLW's feeling the area was not deserving any views of it.)

Anyone having not been there, should make it a point to visit someday.

Ron McCrea

I love the description of the pillars as being "like golf tees." No lily pads for the Brits!

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